What to Know Before Your First Tanning Appointment

There are many reasons one may wish to get a tan. Pre-tanning before going on a vacation is very common. Getting a head start on tanning can help prevent sun burn. Some choose to get a tan just purely for the aesthetic of it. Some doctors even recommend tanning to help combat vitamin D deficiency. Regardless of the reason, tanning at a salon can seem intimidating to some who is new to the whole experience. 

When going into any tanning salons castle rock coexpect different options as well as intensities when it comes to the beds. Low or medium pressure tanning beds are very common and are great for a natural tan. The difference just being in the strength. The medium pressure tanning beds allow for a quicker tan. These beds are made to emulate natural sunlight. The downsides of this type of bed are the risks of getting sun burnt due to the UVB rays. If you burn easily, consider finding another alternative tanning bed.

High pressure tanning beds are another popular type of tanning. These beds emit more UVA rays when compared to low/medium pressure tanning beds. The cause of this is a much longer lasting tan. This method is far more kind to your skin, and would be a good alternative for people who burn easily. However high pressure tanning beds do come with some draw backs. With newer, unexperienced, tanning users, they can often get tan lines to the quick tan these beds provide. Another draw back is the expense. These beds are generally more expensive machines, so the cost of tanning would be higher for the consumer.

Another one of the most common tanning methods is a vertical tanning booth. These are good for people who may suffer from claustrophobia in a more traditional tanning bed. Due to the 360 degree ability of these vertical tanning beds, users report a more even tan. For an inexperienced user, this is a great tanning method, as well as shows great results.

Filling out a skin analysis is important for any new tanning user. The form asks questions around your hair, skin color, and how often you tan. These are all important determining factors for what type of tanning lotions, if you so choose, would be best for you. As well as the best tanning time and method for your skin. Filling out one of these skin analyses will help the local salon guide determine what’s the best method for you.

Regardless of the method in which you decide or the reason in which you choose, tanning at a salon can be a great option for a quick and easy tan. Often times if you plan on booking multiple sessions, tanning salons offer a monthly pass, making it much more affordable. It can take two to three weeks for a base tan to develop going three times a week. With a little bit of planning ahead of time, a good tan can be achievable before any event, or vacation.

About the Author: Joseph L. Tomlinson

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