What statement fashion classics to carry when travelling around the world!

July 26, 2018

London: There is no such thing as a mere walk through London, every street, every nook and every corner has a story to tell. It’s so beautiful, I don’t know where to start. If you are looking for a good time, then steer clear of all the high priced tourist bars and look for a toasty local tavern; ask locals for suggestions. Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy high tea with some of the most mouth-watering delicacies. Your trip to London will be incomplete if you do not enjoy an exquisite musical, authentic cinematic experience or live music. From my ravings so far you must have guessed that London is famous for its Victorian vibe, after all it’s the city of royals. If you plan to style to perfection when in London, mark my words and pack some lovely sheer gloves. High on fashion lovers’ radar, sheer gloves are making a swift comeback. They are being designed to make them a part of everyday dressing and are being styled with everything from jeans to dresses. So if London is on your fly list, don’t forget to pack your sheer gloves.

Paris: If you are planning a trip to the fashion capital of the world, I advise you know your basics. You won’t believe how easy it is to get lost in the city of lights. The place is paradise no doubt and everyone there dresses like angels too. Only an ignorant person would go to Paris without some stylspiration. Paris is your chance to shine bright, everything is a little too beautiful there. If I had to suggest something that’s true to the city’s spirit, I’ll ask you to carry a pair of gorgeous embellished fishnets. With the correct pair of fishnet stockings, it is possible to create any sort of look. You can be unpretentious if you want, or a la mode if you wish, or risqué if you dare. Fishnets aren’t like other accessories; they complement your personality not just your outfit. Nothing is too fancy for Paris, some of your favourite memories will be in cosy bars or cafes, chatting away with strangers and trust me you would want to look perfect for every second of it all.

Spain: I know way too many people who planned to go to Spain for just a vacation and ended up living there for way longer than they had initially planned to, when asked why they couldn’t explain it themselves. The place has a strange magnetic pull, everything feels lighter in Spain. The air is sweeter, the afternoons sunnier, the nights more magical and the people more accepting. The place is inherently sexy, so when you make your bag don’t forget to pack a padded bralette. The entire vibe not just the skyline of the city changes into something much more exuberant at night time. Spain comes alive. A padded bralette is the ideal choice when you have to dance all night long. The good thing is that a padded bralette is super easy to style, its breezy and fun. It can be worn with well fitted jeans or sequinned skirts or ripped shorts.

New York: Even if you have never been to New York before, there’s a fairly good chance that you know it. Thanks to the many television series set in the city of dreams. If you happen to be a sex and the city fan, then you already know that the city thrives on two things – energy and fashion. We would expect nothing less from the city that never sleeps. If you thought this city was only about soaring skyscrapers and bizarre museums, then get prepared cause some of your illusions are about to get shattered.  New York is a city of explorers, be it art, fashion, food or just people. If you are packing to leave for NYC don’t forget to pack some amazing graphic unisex ties. Just like the city of New York, these statement ties are for the rebels; the misfits, for people who don’t care about profanities and enjoy themselves.

When you go around the world spilling your sparkle, don’t forget to don the right fashion weapons.