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Creative Proposals So Romantic She’s Sure to Say ‘Yes’

October 13, 2018

If you are reading this article, you are probably hoping that your special girl is going to say yes to your proposal sometime soon! Below are ten creative and romantic proposal ideas that she will love.

Coffee Mug Proposal

Your partner will definitely not be expecting this little surprise! Write ‘Marry Me?” at the bottom of your significant other’s mug and give them their coffee.

When she’s done drinking it, she will see your message for her.

A Programmed Scavenger Hunt

Send your loved one on a scavenger hunt, and be sure to have her stop along all the places that hold a special meaning to her. Include places where she can relax, doll-up and dress up as well!

Leave a note, a card or any other remarks detailing the events that happened in these places, and end the scavenger hunt in a romantic, quiet location.

Feel Just Like Home

A wedding proposal can also be plain and simple. For example, you can cook her a nice dinner at home, play some romantic music in the background, and make her feel like a queen.

Pop the question to a special song that she likes, and voila! The magic happens.

An Ad Space

Get yourself a big, memorable wedding proposal that you can still have pinned to the wall years later.

Take up an ad space in your local newspaper and wait for her to notice the ad while she reads the daily news.

Make sure to be there to make remarks about some newspaper ads and watch her reaction!

Flipbook Proposal

Get creative and cute by creating a flipbook with your own unique story and include your wedding proposal at the end of the book!

This could double as a great anniversary gift for her to flip through years later, becoming something that you can show your children.

Hidden Photo Proposals

These low-key wedding proposals will make her laugh and still say yes! Take photos with your loved ones for months in advance, and sneak your marriage proposal into the images in every other picture.

You will need to be able to disguise the notes well, however, so be smart about

The Finish Line

Wedding proposals that commemorate your loved one’s achievements celebrate two events at once. Be ready with a ring and some roses at the end of the event.

For example, marathons and obstacle courses provide a unique place to pop the question when she reaches the finish line!

Love for Pastry

Visit a bakery and request a cake with your proposal written in frosting. Ask for the cake to be displayed at the storefront and bring her out window-shopping!

Say something to make her look at the bakery and bring the cake home for a celebration afterwards!

Office Meeting

Why not try organising something with your loved one’s coworkers? Schedule a last-minute meeting at her office at the end of the day, and surprise her by being there with your wedding proposal preparations already within the room.

Picture Perfect

Let your loved one know that you have won a couple’s photoshoot, and dress up nicely to get yourself some nice shots with the appointed photographer.

Propose mid-shoot and let the camera capture her reactions! You can also follow this up with a wedding engagement photo shoot.

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