Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Less

December 25, 2018

Just take a good look at your home and environment; you’d see amazing Halloween costume ideas lying around everywhere! For example, do you can make a costume around that basket of dirty laundry lying around your house? Why not dress up as laundry for Halloween? Just take a cheap laundry basket, cut a hole out of the bottom big enough to fit around your waist, use clothesline to make suspenders that holds the basket around your body. Attach pieces of clothing to the basket and clothesline using wooden clothespins. Hang an empty bottle of detergent or fabric softener off of the basket’s side. You got yourself a costume!

More Halloween Costume Ideas?

You can use Legos, those popular building block toys that’s always littered around your house for a Halloween costume. All you do is to spray-paint a large box red. Cut out holes for the arms and head. Glue six empty margarine containers or large cups to the side of the box in the same pattern as the bumps on the Legos’ side. Wear it with red sweatpants or whatever is matching. Use hot glue to add matching color Lego pieces on a headband.

You may choose to go a little wilder in style, by dressing up as an attack dog trainer. You will turn heads with this one, and perhaps make new friends. Sew the mouth of a toy stuffed dog to the arm of a long-sleeved shirt. Make a few holes in the shirt and stain it using costume blood. Wear a name tag that talks about attack dogs.

Your Halloween costume Assignment

Now look around the house for things you can put together to create your own unique costume that might end up becoming the best Halloween costume that would possibly win you the prize. Papers, food, shoes, kitchen utensils, flour, bulbs, picture frames, car parts, leaves, cables…the list is endless!

You may want to try searching the web for even more unique Halloween costume ideas. Flip through magazines; go through your closet and kitchen cupboards. Ideas abound. All you need to do next is think and imagine.