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A Simple Travel Guide to fill in The end of the Year which is Less than 1 Month Away

December 3, 2018

It didn’t feel like one month into the last month of the year. Imagine having planned a family vacation or an exciting trip with a close friend. Wherever you are going to spend such fun time, the first preparation that must be done is to re-check whether the suitcase, backpack, even the baby chair, and other equipment like Travel Bag are still in good condition and comfortable to use. A simple Traveling Guide can help you. Therefore, take a little time to add to your travel preparation.

Always use quality equipment to make your trip more comfortable.

Simple Tips for Traveling Guide:

1. The next step is to decide whether to buy additional needs.

A folding backpack or soft neck pillow will make the experience of shopping or sleeping on a plane unforgettable. A wide selection of products offered by online stores such as elephantstripes is very likely to inspire you to create your own travel formula for must-haves. He cried again, by buying long ago, you have the opportunity to get the best discount up to 70%, 0% installment facility up to 12 months, also FREE shipping.

2. In addition if you have more budget, you can capture those fun moments without hassle.

Order the help of a personal travel photographer service that is rife lately. Various advantages such as unique spot information that can be a place for your photos to a personal assistant who can be invited to discuss about clothing, weather, etc. you can get easily.

Now more and more traveler hits are popping up on social media, such as Instagram. They often upload photos of the streets in a rising place. For netizens who like to travel, their posts must be an inspiration. Namely the inspiration of the place visited, to accessories used during the walk. Indeed, lately, there have been several list of accessories that have risen among travelers to be followed by netizens. Anything?

1. Bandana Slayer (80’s)

Remember the slayer that was often used by young people in the 80s? Usually the slayer is used to cover the head. At that time, such style became a growing trend. Now, the traveler was again lifting the style. They, while walking, use the slayer as a small bandana or scraft on the neck. For girls and boys, all wear it.

2. Travel Bag.

If this one is usually used by vloggers who like to travel. Later, many of them were fond of uploading photos or videos of competing in Travel Bag at tourist sites they visited, for example in the deserted streets with left and right green hills.

3. Boho necklace.

Ethnic necklaces are indeed hits among travelers. But, lately, the most hits are boho shaped necklaces. This necklace generally has a long shape with feather accessories and colors that are quite striking. Boho necklaces are often used when travel visiting places with authentic sights, such as in Sumba or Flores.

4. Bohemian Earrings.

Besides necklaces, travelers, especially women, love to use bohemian earrings. These earrings are generally used to beautify their outfits. Commonly combined with white clothes and looks beautiful when used when visiting the beach or green hills.

5. Prusik bracelet.

This bracelet actually appeared long ago. However, later the hits were again used by travelers. They generally do not only wear one, but many and colorful. In the uploaded photo, hand displayed with a beautiful landscape background.

6. Woven fabrics.

Woven fabrics are also one of the hits among travelers. They are fond of uploading photos covered in woven fabrics with a wide landscape, such as on a mountain top or waterfall.

7. Flat top summer hat.

This is usually used by travelers wherever they visit, today. The shape of the hat is round, flat, banded. Generally made of knit. This hat is now an object that must be taken if they are traveling.

Well, it really hits them.

Well, it turns out preparing for the most comfortable vacation or the most exciting trip at the end of the year is not difficult, right ?!