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80s Fashion – More Makes it Really 80s!

September 17, 2018

In the 80s, fashion defied the maxim ‘less is more’. 80s fashion was largely characterized by color, experimentation, and size. Girls wore loud color eye shadow and mascara, had hair that were mounting up to the sky and wore clothing with high shoulder pads.
Also, in the 80s, there was a thin line between what men wore and what women wore. In essence, a good number of the 80s fashion trends were unisex – the parachute pants, Members’ Only jackets, Wayfarers, Converse chucks, and even high hair.

Guys 80s Fashion

Mimicking the guys of the 80s with your fashion won’t make much meaning without clothing items such as rainbow striped shirt, tight-rolled jeans and long bold chains hanging down the neck. Also, jackets were the in-thing among guys of the 80s, matched on tight acid-washed jeans and tightly fitted pants.

Girls and Ladies 80s Wears

In the 80s, girls and women generally went gaga with their fashion. From hair to clothing items and accessories, including makeup, it all spelt loud and crazy. Off-the-shoulder tops that reveal the midriff were the order of the day. Also, women wore really bogus tops and t-shirts over spandex and leggings or acid-washed jeans.

The 80s fashion story for women can’t be complete if you take out miniskirts from the clothing items. Girls and women generally wore really hot miniskirts, paired with leggings underneath – sometimes. For accessories, bold and large earrings and bracelets also adorned the ears and wrists of women in the 80s.

For both men and women, big hair was the in-thing – mostly big and curly. Flat iron was used alongside heat to achieve really big hair, for those who didn’t want permanent curls and perms.
The lesson? If you want to really attract attention with your 80s fashion, you should copy all of those features.