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6 Words to Instantly Make You Sound Smart

April 13, 2018

We all want to sound smart but not pretentious. Throwing in a word or two not used in everyday vocabulary will make anyone pay more attention to you. It would show that there’s more to you than the first thought, especially if you’re trying to get a guy you like to date you. Here are six words you can casually throw in during any conversation.

  1. Capricious

Can’t figure out why your moods suddenly changed? Capricious is the perfect word to use when asks you what’s wrong. You can also use it when a friend or partner is acting out of character, and there is no apparent reason for the change.

“You used to like trap music; you sudden love for opera is capricious.”

  1. Catch-22

You’ve probably heard this word before and would have loved to use it, but you weren’t sure when it was appropriate to utter. Catch-22 is when there is no difficult escaping situation because both outcomes possible outcomes are conflicting or are dependent on each other. An example is a dilemma between calling out someone because it’s the right thing to do, but they have ammo on your and can blast you just as well and case some personal injury.

“I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t- now that’s a catch-22.”

  1. Glib

Use this adjective when a person speaks, and there’s an insincere and shallowness vibe to it. You can’t quite figure out what part of what you’re saying doesn’t sit well with you and why. How do you spot someone doing this? They are talking way too much and offering no helpful solutions, but still managing to sound like they know what they’re talking about.

“You’re too glib- how has what you’ve said going to solve anything?”

  1. Nefarious

That is when an activity or action is wicked or criminal. You can use it when discussing social issues that affect you. You can also slide it in when someone does something that’s utterly wrong in your eyes and makes you question their morals.

“The way you screwed her over is just nefarious.”

  1. Obtuse

The list would not be complete without a subtle insult. You could use it two ways: to describe a person who’s slow to understand or someone who’s incredibly insensitive to the point they’re annoying. It’s better than calling someone stupid or unintelligent.

“Are you okay dear? You’re rather obtuse today.”

  1. Teetotaler

This word is old school British from the 1800s. It describes a person who’s completely abstaining from alcoholic beverages. The typical usage in modern day would be to hint at how someone’s not drinking could affect a social setting. You can also use it for the one night you’ve decided not to consume any alcohol.

“Today I’m an absolute teetotaler. I’m the designated driver.”