1980s Fashion – How to Achieve a Glam Look

October 15, 2018

It all starts with making bold hair, wearing bold makeup and being loud with your dressing. In the 80s, you can hardly be seen as over-dressed or over-styled since that was the defining fashion statement of that era. Keep reading to learn more about achieving a glam look to mimic 80s fashion.

Styling Your Hair

  • Wear Short Hair

Curly short hair was in vogue in the 80s, for both males and females. Curling your straight short hair is a great way to achieve a glam look of the 80s. If you’re wondering how to come up with a glam hair, it’s quite easy.

Get a big-barrel curling iron and curl a section of the bangs extending to your forehead. Also apply curls at the middle. If you prefer to spike up your hair, take a dollop of hair cream and massage it onto your hair; then use your fingers to push up your hair and also push it back.

  • Tease Your Hair

Teasing the hair is also another way to look glam in modern times, even in the 1980s fashion era. As you probably know, big hair was the in-thing in the 80s. Pat dry your hair and section it into two-inch or an inch. Use a long-tail comb to comb the hair backwards towards the root. Use a firm-hold hairspray to spray each section as you work through. Then spray the entire hair to finish.

Choosing Your Outfit

  • Go for a color Material and Pattern

You are better off with a clothing material that was in vogue back in the days. Typical examples of such clothing materials include spandex, satin or leather. You should favor bold patterns such as brightly-colored floral, animal prints, or safari prints.

1980s fashion skirts looks are enhanced with bright neon colors. Pastel shirts, earrings, and shoes add to the 80s look.

Finally, for 80s fashion statement outfit, you should also get 80s silhouettes. Put on a jacket or dress that features big shoulders – you can achieve this with shoulder pads. You can also wear baggy pants or a baggy shirt for that famous 80s look.