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Use of Design Aptitude Test for Making an Impactful Team

December 5, 2018

Pre-screening which facebook orca is also popular by the name of a candidate aptitude test or an employment aptitude test is a part of organised approach that is designed for testing the ability of the potential candidate to hire at the time of pre-employment assessment stage. Such type of test helps in assessing whether the candidate is able to perform certain types of the desired task in a better manner or not. This would also give an employment to understand the reaction of the candidate in a more diverse situation. With such test being the most standardized way to evaluate and score the skills of the candidate, you get the qualified results for comparing against other applicants.

There are chances that job postings may grab the attention of the huge number of applicants. With the pre-screening of such applicants through can help you filter the one who are not fit or maybe are unqualified ones at the early stage and this way, it can reduce the time which is actually needed for the interviewing candidates. The focus of the aptitude test, and also the way, in which it is being conducted, needs to be considered carefully and keeping the job specifications in mind. If you are planning to use such type of solution for hiring then certainly, you can go ahead and choose it for a better outcome.

Some of the examples for better understanding:

Knowledge test:

The focus of such test is to help you understand the candidate’s knowledge with regards to certain aspects of the job. Such type of test is designed on certain topics that are more associated with the responsibilities of the job and to make sure that candidate uses the minimum needed knowledge without any kind of hassle.

Skill test:

This is another crucial test that you can use for hiring. Such type of test is more specifically designed to understand the simple tasks which are required for the regular functioning of the job such as data entry and typing speed

Design test:

The focus of the design aptitude test is to understand if the candidate is pretty good in designing certain projects. It can be more useful for the hiring managers who are planning to choose a graphic designer or a fashion designer to name a few.

Personality test:

Such type of test is done for different personality examinations. However, it is said to be the most commonly performed screening solution that comes with certain factors such as

  • Intuition
  • Introversion vs. Extroversion
  • Perception
  • Thought process

Ability tests

The focus of such test is to understand the cognitive and mental ability of the candidate. This can also be used for understanding the candidate’s way to cope with different workplace situations and whether it can help the business grow in the right manner or not.

Is it really worth?

Designing has got a great scope in today’s time and if you are planning to hire the right candidate for your company that would be into such tasks often then conducting such aptitude test can be helpful for you. Basically, aptitudes test is all about understanding the strength’s and weakness of the candidate and whether the person can actually stand by his promise’s in terms of delivering the quality results or not. At the initial stage, you may get confused seeing a bulk of candidate applying for the job role. But when you use such type of pre-screening solution, it becomes a lot easy for you to comp[are and the come to a decision on which could be the right candidate to be taken for the ext. round of interview.

You consider this form of test to be a combination of design along with aptitude. Though there are no fixed patterns for the exam, but in some institutes, they do go on to follow a fixed pattern. Normally this test is conducted over a course of 3 hours and includes multiple objective type questions. The main reason for why such a pattern is followed is because the process of evaluation does go on to become a lot easy. The knowledge of the candidate is brought to the fore.

How the process actually works:

Since it is the part of a pre-screening process, it has to be conducted before technical and personal interview round. The test aims to give you accurate results about the mental and working nature of the candidate. There would be specific questions that would be more relevant to your office culture. The person who answers maximum answers correctly or as per the organizational standard would be hired for the next round of interview.

The reasons why such type of test is advised is because you can measure the skills and abilities and understand if there is any space for the growth or the person can come up with new ideas that can help the organization to grow in the competitive industry. There is no hard and fast rule of using it. Besides if you have a proctored solution to it then you can rest assured to evaluating the test irrespective of the location and without any risk of getting cheating or frauds from the candidates.

The test results are received by the evaluator in less span of time and are told about the same to the candidate as well. This way it becomes easy for the evaluator and candidate to understand if the company is going on the right path by choosing the particular candidate or not.

Pre-screening solutions such as an aptitude test, a personality test, and even the psychometric test are crucial in many ways. If you want to be really clear about the working pattern of the candidate and understand whether the candidate can meet your expectation or not then certainly you need to conduct such type of pre-screening dilution. At the end it is the company’s capital which would be invested in hiring the candidate and it has to be worth in terms of profit and better presence of the organization.

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