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Perfect Combination: Ways to Show Off Belly Rings with Fashion Crop Tops

October 9, 2018

Image Source: Photo by Emily Goodhart on Unsplash

Women have a variety of ways to adorn themselves. It is probably the reason why they have 50 types of piercing options to choose from. From the traditional ear piercing to the modern lip and brow piercing, this trend is inspiring youth globally.

The 1993 music video “Cryin” featured Alicia Silverstone with naval adornment. Her pierced naval has inspired the gals around the world which marks the beginning of this trend. Today, there are more than 2,000 stunning belly button rings to choose from.

Belly Button Rings Types

Belly rings come in different types. Decorations may vary from ring to ring but there are 5 most basic styles namely the standard banana bell, curved bell, spiral barbell, top mount and ball closure ring.

Banana Bell Piercings is considered as the standard type of belly button piercing and looks like an unembellished barbell. It is a great choice for anyone who is physically active. If you want to wear a button ring for a fashion statement, the curved bell is advised.

Opt for the spiral barbell if you are to attend a special event or short-term wear. It is more decorative than the curved bell. Top mount, on the other hand is ideal for a belly button piercing at the bottom of the rim. It is designed with dangling charms attached at the top which makes a unique statement.

BCR or ball closure ring is considered as the popular items in the 90s. It is an actual ring that can easily get caught on shirts and other accessories. However, this button ring is still an interesting option.

Crop Top, the Perfect Pair

If you want to show off that belly button rings, nothing beats the crop top statements. Here are ways on how to wear the crop top when you have that belly button rings on.

Perfect with Denim

One of the easiest ways of wearing a crop top is to pair it with jeans. Crop top and your button ring can go with any jeans. It can be high waisted, mommy pants, flared or bootcut. But make sure to show off the button rings that complement with the top.

Crop Top and Shorts

A day at the mall, a beach vacation or dinner with friends can go perfectly with a pair of crop top and shorts. Loose crop tops paired with shorts is another option for curvy women. Opt for the standard banana bell as you might be engaged in activities that will cause the button ring to entangle.

Embrace the Brights

Wearing bold hues show that you’re confident in your skin. Do not be afraid to draw some attention to yourself. When the top is paired with a similar color palette, it will have a striking effect. To make the look even more perfect, opt for button rings that contrast the bold hues to create a balance or go for colors that complement with the bold colors.

Crop Top with Maxi Skirt

Crop top and maxi skirt is a perfect pair for the spring. You can go with a plain crop top and printed skirt or the other way around. Keep one of them plain. You can go with an off-shoulder, loose or flared or full sleeves. With this pair, a dream catcher button ring will seal the deal.

Crop Top with a Jacket

If the idea of showing off some skin does not thrill you, pair the crop top with a leather jacket or denim shirt. It creates a perfect monochrome outfit idea that is completed with a standard banana bell.


Sure, there are millions of ways of wearing crop top to show off your beautiful belly rings. The tips laid above are only a few of them. Do not be afraid to show some inches of your skin. Make some experiments to create your own fashion statement that matches your style and personality. And most importantly, complete your look with a belly button ring that complements your style.