How to get the faded look on your beloved denim jeans?

July 3, 2018

Buying a pair of faded jeans can be expensive. Fortunately, there are lots of techniques you can use to fade your beloved jeans and rock your style. People still have the craze to wear faded jeans because they look good. If you are a fan too let me show you some ways to distress your jeans the right way:

  1. Use coffee beans

Since coffee is acidic, due to its fading properties, it will help you lighten your jeans. So, take a handful of coffee beans, preferably green beans and rub them on the areas that you want to lighten. Once you are done, pour boiling water on your jeans. There you go, your very own faded look is ready.

  1. Bleach them

It is essential not to bleach your jeans if you really want to take care of the denim, right? But as you want to achieve a faded color, what can be a better way than to start with bleach?

 Make sure you are wearing safety gloves before applying bleach to tamper the colour of your jeans.  You can either soak them in water mixed with bleach or use the spot bleaching technique to create an uneven fading effect.

  1. Wash it often

This is going to slowly make your denim jeans fade away. Instead of washing your jeans with cold water, use as much hot water as possible. To get the desired look, repeat the process of washing your jeans with hot water.

  1. Wrinkling

Those permanent folds and creases on the jeans look great, right? In the industrial setup, folds are made using resin and the fabric is then treated under heat to get the desired look. To create creases on your jeans at home, tie it tightly, wring it and then let it dry. Ironing is not recommended.

  1. Whiskering

Don’t you just love the cat whiskers on the thigh area that are created naturally on the jeans? Want to create them at home? It is easy, simply mark the lines which you want to appear as whiskers. Now use sand paper to make those lines fade away.  You can create whiskers besides the knees, at the back of the knees or along the hips.

Ways to rip your jeans

It is not just the faded colour that will make your jeans look vintage and chic, but a little rip will help too. Here is how you can do it:

  • Make small cuts on the thigh areas using a scalpel. Now, scrape the lengthways against the fabric’s grain to scuff it. If necessary, you can use a knife too.
  • You can lighten the fabric on certain areas of your jeans by rubbing sandpaper.

 To make sure the look of your faded jeans remains, follow the right technique to wash them. As long as you know what you are doing, you will get to create a nice faded look on your denim jeans and everyone will admire your sense of fashion wherever you go.