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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Fashion Shoes Online

October 4, 2018

Customers can make a range of mistakes when buying shoes online. And as many people know, there’s nothing worse than purchasing a pair of shoes, waiting eagerly for the arrival, and then opening the package to find out that the shoe doesn’t fit. Not only is this disappointing, but your perception of online shopping can start to change.

To avoid any inconveniences, here are six mistakes to avoid when buying fashion shoes for women’s wear online. Follow these tips to help you find the perfect pair of shoes for any occasion.

Purchasing the Wrong Size

This is one of the most common reasons why fashion shoes for women’s wear are returned. To avoid any sizing issues, measure both of your feet and compare your measurements to the sizing guide on the website. Keep in mind that sizing charts are different from company to company, so it’s important not to assume what size shoe you are. Reading online customer reviews can also provide you with insight into whether the shoes run true to size or not.

Returning Due to Discomfort

It’s important to wear your new fashion shoes in before deciding to return them. This means walking on soft surfaces around your house until they start to mould to the shape of your foot. If you’ve purchased shoes with laces, try changing the lace configuration to allow your feet to have more movement.

Making Impulsive Decisions

Shopping online can be an overwhelming experience, with so many choices available. It can therefore be hard to focus on what you really need compared to what you like the look of. To avoid any impulse purchases, hold off from buying a pair of fashion shoes for women’s wear for around a week or two after you first see them. This way, you’ll know your decision isn’t based off a fleeting desire. Another great idea is to compose a shopping list of items you really need to buy. What shoes are you missing from your wardrobe? What colours and styles do you need? Where will you wear them? Creating a shopping list stops impulsive purchases and means you won’t be buying multiple versions of the same type of shoe.

Wearing New Shoes Straight Away

It’s a common mistake to wear new shoes for a lengthy period as soon as you get them. However, wearing new shoes all day can harm your feet and cause pain to the ball and heel. Try wearing your new shoes for half the day before swapping over to an old pair. If this isn’t possible, remember to bring some bandaids in case of any blisters or cuts.

Stretching Shoes Using Different Tools

If shoes are initially uncomfortable, some people resort to stretching them, using tools such as pliers in an attempt to improve comfort. However, this actually damages the shoe and can cause more problems for your feet in the long run. Avoid doing this at all cost.

Wearing New Shoes without Socks

Fashion shoes for women’s wear like sneakers and boots require you to wear socks with the footwear, but many people make the mistake of not wearing socks at all. This can cause intense pain and usually results in swelling and blisters. It’s important to choose the right pair of socks for your feet and shoes to ensure total comfort and prevent blisters.