5 Useful Tips for Travelling with Gold Jewellery

January 10, 2019

The Indians are known for their love for gold all across the globe. For centuries, gold jewellery has always been an integral part of their adornment. In India, this precious metal signifies good fortune and prosperity across cultures. The Indian women, especially the married women, wear some pieces of jewellery in their routine live. This includes gold bangle, earrings, rings, mangalsutra, a pendant set etc. When attending a marriage or a family function, they make it a point to carry their finest jewels to wear.

Gold, being a precious metal, is costly. Thus, while carrying gold jewellery while travelling, one needs to be cautious. Here are a few tips for travelling with gold jewellery

Don’t Carry Unnecessary Gold Jewels with You

If you are travelling by train, make sure not to carry too much jewellery because trains are not very safe. The entire train generally has only 4 armed RPF/RPSF personnel on board, which is very less to provide security to the entire train passengers. There are many stretches that are notorious for burglaries. If you happen to travel along those stretches and that too at night, make sure that your jewellery is kept hidden inside your clothes. Don’t wear it while travelling.

Travel by Plane or in AC Coaches

If you are travelling to attend some function and cannot avoid taking jewellery, then try to travel by trains like Rajdhani/Duronto/Shatabdi. If there is air connectivity to the place, then it is best to opt for that. In case there is neither air connectivity nor trains like Rajdhani, then instead of taking a reservation in sleeper class, opt for AC classes. They are comparatively safer as the coach attendants keep the doors closed at all times. The vestibule shutter is also pulled down during the night.

Reserve the Upper Berth

Take an upper berth if you are on a night journey. Keep your valuables in a bag under your pillow and sleep on it. Some people find it inconvenient to go up and sleep, but it is always safer on the top. Also, keep your head towards the window side and not towards the passage.

Don’t Wear Jewellery While Travelling

Never wear your jewellery while travelling. Wear your normal routine jewels. Wearing new ones or too much of it draws unnecessary attention. By going simple, you will not be targeted by thieves or miscreants.

Don’t Share your Details

Don’t tell details of why and where you are going to your fellow passengers. Also, if you are travelling with your family, make sure not to discuss the family event among yourself. There might be people around waiting to get a clue from your talks. Also, don’t eat or drink anything offered by a fellow passenger. There have been incidences when the person gets unconscious after having food offered by a fellow passenger who then scoots away with your jewellery or other belongings.

Gold jewellery is an expensive investment and you need to take ample care of it, especially while travelling. Besides protecting the jewels from getting robbed, you also need to ensure that all that you are carrying remain separate so that they don’t get entangled with each other leading to unnecessary scratches, damages or loose stones. Make sure to pack all the jewels separately in small pouches.

If you care for and store your jewellery properly, it will last for generations.